Earlier today, the PIRC (Property Insurance Restoration Conference) organizer, Jordan Hendler, sent an email to the industry, announcing the cancellation of the conference overall, and all committee meetings, for the foreseeable future. Click here to learn more about the PIRC's efforts up to today. You can read Hendler's note below:

Due to the lack of industry participation, and complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to cancel PIRC and committee meetings for the foreseeable future.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all of our volunteers - for every committee - who have been working on making this industry better through initiatives and work products.

Equally important, our Sponsors have been a huge part of what made this effort possible for the time we’ve had. Without their support, meetings would not have been possible. They believed in this endeavor from the start, and for that we are tremendously grateful.

All adopted and draft work products will be on the website, which will remain live for reference materials. We encourage the industry to continue to use these documents for their intended purpose, to better the industry for all segments.  Our admin team will make efforts to deliver draft items to other entities who may be able to carry them forward.

The Elements of Proper Documentation from the Definitions Committee will be posted in the next two weeks as a proposed draft on appropriate template, to be utilized by the industry as presented. This was a culmination of months of work by several dedicated participants.

As a personal note, I strongly encourage you to involve yourself in organizations whose mission is to improve the restoration industry ecosystem, and all those who live in it. Only by the dedication of those willing to put in effort to bridge these relational gaps does true change happen.

Thank you for your support,

Jordan Hendler
PIRC Admin Team