Post-Show Attendee eBlast Request Form for Exhibitors/Sponsors



Connect Directly with Attendees ● Control Your Message ● Maximize Your Exposure

The landscape of email marketing is increasingly challenging to navigate as state, federal and international privacy legislation and regulation continues to evolve and be widely adopted. In order to protect you, our exhibitors and sponsors, as well as ourselves from the associated risks, we have automated access to the registrants for this event via the process below.

With this new process, you will be able to send an email directly to event attendees that “opted-in” to receive third-party communications. You can provide your own HTML communication or we can create one for you for an additional fee. All deployments will be sent by event management on your behalf to ensure your message has increased engagement and is sent to the right audience. We are no longer sending spreadsheets or sending live lists to sponsors or exhibitors. Please fill out the form below to get started.


1. Deployment will include registered 2024 attendees. Email addresses of only those who opt-in to receive communication from exhibitors will be included.

2. A Test Send will be emailed to the contact provided (listed in left column) above prior to deployment. Approval of test must be received a minimum of 48 hrs prior to deployment in order to fulfill per scheduled request date/time.

3. Show management will not adjust, edit or fix Exhibitor/Sponsor HTML. If changes are required a new HTML must be submitted.

4. Show Management will review each HTML to confirm compliance with guidelines and rules and has full-discretion on determining if the HTML provided is compliant or needs revisions.

5. Fulfillment can take up to five (5) business days.

6. Select three dates from the calendar in order of preference. However, please note that it is possible your email will be scheduled for a different deployment date if your preferred dates are not available.

By requesting this email deployment, you agree to the following terms:

1. Your company must be paid in-full to schedule an email to event participants.

2. Your html deployment must mention your participation in The Experience Convention & Trade Show.

3. Post-event emails may be scheduled up to 90 days after event closing date.

4. Email requests must be submitted no later than 70 days after event closing date.

5. Each exhibitor/sponsor may deploy only one html to event participants post-event.

6. HTML messaging may not promote competing events or off-site activities during event hours.

Can I reserve a date without materials?

No. The deployment dates are reserved at the time the form is submitted. The BNP Media Company Content Team will reach out to the exhibitor/sponsor with the date confirmation once eblast is scheduled.

When are materials due?

Materials are due at the time the online form is submitted. Show management will review all materials for compliance. Show management will not adjust, edit or fix Exhibitor/Sponsor provided HTML files. If changes are required a new HTML must be submitted by the Exhibitor/Sponsor.

Why didn’t I get any of my date preferences?

Date availability is determined on first come, first served basis. If preferred dates are no longer available, the BNP Media Company Content Team will select the next open date.

I need help creating an HTML file.

If you do not have the ability to create or provide your own HTML files or need help editing your HTML files, BNP Media can help for a fee of $535 per eblast. You should choose to “purchase HTML services” on the online form, once your form is submitted, our BNP Engage team will reach out to you directly to discuss your HTML creation needs. The HTML creation process takes approximately 14 business days. Please take that into consideration when selecting preferred deployment dates.

What are the HTML specs?

HTML is the preferred format of files and file delivery: HTML 5 is preferred. HTML file should be 100kb or less. For security reasons, we can't accept files through this form. Please provide a Dropbox or Google Drive link.

Download our eBlast Specs and Best Practices for more information.

Will I see a proof before you deploy?

Yes. The eBlast test will be sent prior to the deployment. All tests must be reviewed and approved within 48 hours of receipt. Sponsors will receive communications and test deployments from - and the domain Test eBlasts will be sent for client review no later than 1-2 days before scheduled deployment.

Will I receive any leads or deployment metrics from the email?

We do not offer a lead package with these deployments. The BNP Media Company Content Team will provide an email tracking link with eBlast metrics after email deploys if applicable.

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