SteraMist boasts an all-in-one disinfection solution that can kill anything from powerful viruses to dangerous mold and spores. Not only can SteraMist kill those organisms, mold and other spores, but it can do it on endless surfaces, making it a versatile option even for complex remediation jobs. Many disinfection systems are only compatible with certain surfaces which means when disinfecting, multiple chemicals and methods have to be used, wasting time and harming surfaces over time. There has long been a need for an all-in-one disinfection system that takes less time, is more cost effective, with higher efficacy that can aid in disaster response, restoration and remediation work, especially mold and other spore remediation. SteraMist answers the call and provides just that. A disinfection solution that is easy and all-encompassing is not a fantasy for the future, but a reality for the present. 

Natural disasters are some of the most disruptive and deadly events that occur throughout the world.  Some can be prepared for, while others occur without a moment’s notice.  Therefore, it is essential that rescue personnel are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can help protect the long-term health of the victims associated with the natural disaster, and themselves. One thing that is often overlooked, post-natural disaster, is the increase in fungal spore infections in an affected area. If not taken care of correctly, then the effect of these spores will be even worse over time. This means that the elimination of fungi in a disaster area is necessary to not only complete the recovery process of an affected area but also ensure the protection of all rescuers and victims associated with the disaster.  

SteraMist is able to handle emergency disinfection in response to a natural disaster and can counteract the dangers of spores and other fungal activities that are typically found in post-disaster areas.  In fact, in the article Mechanisms of Sporicidal Activity Induced by Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide in Spores of Bacillus atrophaeus, published by ABSA International, scientists demonstrated the effectiveness of SteraMist against Bacillus atrophaeus spores. The experiment was conducted using SteraMist’s Environment System, a full-room fogger, in a 900 cubed feet area, and clearly demonstrates the overall effectiveness and range of SteraMist technology. This experiment displays that in mere hours, SteraMist was able to damage the spore core DNA, disrupting growth and providing disinfection. Although natural disasters can never fully be prevented, and it will always take time to rebuild an affected area, SteraMist technology offers an opportunity to enhance disaster recovery efforts while also promoting health and hazard relief. 

Not only is SteraMist a solution for disaster relief and remediation but also for residential buildings that have mold problems. When a TOMI Service Network (TSN) provider in New Jersey needed a fast and effective way get rid of mold in an apartment complex, SteraMist was their answer. The apartment complex had 49 total units with some that had visible mold on floors, settled mold spores and airborne spores in multiple units. SteraMist was deployed and over three weeks, using the full room fogging Environment Systems, the mold was taken care of. Since the job was taken care of quickly and efficiently, the cost saving was huge for the property owners. “Utilizing SteraMist allowed us to mitigate temporary housing costs by reducing treatment time and lessening duration. SteraMist was quintessential in our ability to achieve outstanding results,” the COO of AV8R Solutions said after the job was complete. 

Other disasters can strike at a moment’s notice, such as a sickness outbreak in an office or manufacturing facility and with SteraMist broad spectrum solution, it can be deployed for that as well. For instance, in a California-based manufacturing facility, an employee tested positive for COVID. As a plant that manufactures electronics that need to go out in a timely manner, they could not afford to close the plant for an extended period. As a TSN provider, they had SteraMist ready to deploy. Over a time span of only three hours, SteraMist was applied to the whole 9000-square-foot facility, including circuitry, tools, shelving and high-touch areas. The material compatibility of SteraMist made it the only choice to do a job like this without having to shut down for a long time. If traditional methods of disinfection were used, then this job would have taken four times longer with the risk of missing hard to reach places.    

Disinfection systems that take too long due to long contact times, use too many chemicals and have too many shortcomings are now a thing of the of the past. Restoration after a disaster is a time sensitive matter with little room for error and the benefits of SteraMist are the main reasons it is the leading disinfection system used globally. In a world that moves quickly and constantly changes, preparedness is often the difference between an ideal outcome and a less desirable one. SteraMist is prepared to take on the world’s challenges, the only question is if you will be the one wielding it. Learn more about how you can join the nationwide network and add SteraMist to your business today.