This is an in-depth video from some top restoration industry experts on how restorers can help their communities during this coronavirus outbreak.

First, Phil Rosebrook Jr. CR, of Business Mentors, discusses the current status of the outbreak and lays the groundwork for the discussion. Phil covers what we do know, and what we don't know so far about this virus.

Then, Michael Pinto CSP, SMS, CMP, CFO, of Wonder Makers Environmental takes over to discuss:

  • Foundational Information About Infection Control
  • What We Know About Coronavirus
  • What Types of Services Contractors Can Offer
  • General Infection Control/Cleaning Procedures
  • Summary
  • Bonus Material - including ATP evaluation methods

This video wraps up with a segment with Ross Driscoll Jr. of National E&S Insurance Brokers/Driscoll & Driscoll Insurance Agency who talks about how to be sure your company is covered correctly with liability insurance if you choose to offer disinfection services like this.